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1TB Storage Capacity: How Many Photos, Videos, and Documents Can It Hold?

How Many Pictures Can 1TB Hold?

If you’re shooting RAW and JPEG photos with a high-end camera like an iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 Pro or Max, you’ll want 1TB of storage.

To help you understand the capacity of these large hard drives, let’s look at some real-world estimates based on file sizes.

Remember, a TB is 1024 times larger than a GB!

RAW Photos

RAW photos are large, high-resolution files that capture every pixel of your camera’s sensor. Unlike JPEGs, which are compressed and smaller, RAW images will take up more space on your device. You’ll need to carry extra memory cards, and you might need a bigger storage device if you shoot a lot of RAW photos.

A terabyte is equal to 1,000 gigabytes, or 1,000,000 megabytes. It’s also equal to about two million pictures. The size of a picture file depends on the resolution and quality of the image. You can check the file size of a folder by looking at its Properties.

A terabyte can store about 75 million pages of text or around 300,000 movies. According to Tech Times, a single terabyte can hold enough data for 20 days of watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. It can also hold more than a million hours of music or a year of streaming video. It can also store 250,000 photos or more than a week’s worth of iPhone videos.

JPEG Photos

A terabyte can fit about 75 million pages of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. So you can imagine how many digital images it can store.

JPEG, the world’s most popular image file format with a.jpg or.jpeg extension, squashes image data into a smaller package without noticeably degrading the photo’s visual quality for most viewers. Akin to a feather pillow that takes up a lot of space in your luggage, it trades off some of the visual data to save space.

Its clever compression chops and integration into Internet standards make it a longtime staple. But if you’re an artist who needs high-fidelity image files, you should consider using alternative formats.


1 terabyte is a huge amount of storage space, and it can hold a lot of digital images and video files. It can also store a lot of PC games. These files are getting larger all the time, and some large AAA titles can be over 100 GB in size. 1 TB can store many of these games, as well as 200indie games.

As with images, the number of videos that a terabyte can hold depends on several factors. These include the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate of the video. In general, though, 1 TB can hold about 100 hours of HD or 4K video. That’s enough to keep most movie buffs happy for a while.


1TB can store a huge number of digital documents. The size of these files can vary depending on the type and format, but most text documents are fairly small in size. Assuming the average file size is 100 KB, you can fit approximately 10 million texts on a single TB of storage.

Music files take up considerably more space, largely due to the quality of the audio. The good news is that you can fit a lot of songs on a 1TB hard drive.

As for video, 1TB can hold about 500 hours of high-quality video. This is enough to watch almost 20 days’ worth of movies and TV shows. In addition, 1TB can store a huge number of documents for personal and business use. This makes it a great choice for data backup and storage. If you’re a gamer, 1TB of storage will also allow you to play a few large PC games without running out of space.

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