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Capturing the Beauty of Zion National Park

A Gallery of Zion National Park Photographs

A gallery of images capturing beautiful landscape scenes inside Zion National Park. Zion is home to scenic cliffs, narrow slot canyons, protected wilderness areas and endangered species.

Zion is also famous for having one of the world’s largest natural stone arches. Kolob Arch is a must-see when visiting Zion.

1. The Watchman

Whether you’re photographing the canyons, hiking trails or wildlife, Zion National Park is a landscape photographer’s dream. Stunning reddish and tan colored Navajo Sandstone cliffs jut out of the green valley, framed by cottonwood trees that turn a brilliant yellow in the fall.

Zion is also home to a diverse range of animals and plants, from large mammals to hardy desert plants and threatened species like the California Condor and Mexican Spotted Owl. Throughout its history, people have been drawn to Zion’s extraordinary landscapes. Evidence of their presence can be found in prehistoric rock art and remains from dwellings, foraging and grazing areas.

Zion has one of the world’s largest natural stone arches, Kolob Arch. Located in the backcountry of the Kolob Canyons district, this spectacular formation rises high on the canyon walls and curves gracefully like a giant condor’s wing.

2. Kanarra Creek Falls

A spectacular waterfall and cliffs that frame the Virgin River in this slot canyon. This is a must visit for any Zion hiker. Fall is a great time to go as the temperature will be cooler, the water in the Narrows will be high and the crowds have usually dwindled.

Zion is a stunning national park with towering red cliffs, unique sandstone patterns and jaw-dropping views of one of the most dramatic valleys in North America. It is no wonder it attracts 4.3 million visitors a year!

Kanarra Creek Canyon is an easy hike that has tall red walls, beautiful reflections and a fun slot canyon. It can be a bit slippery and requires good orientation skills and creek crossing. You will also need neoprene socks as the creek water can get very cold in the Winter.

3. Snow Canyon Overlook

The park’s breathtaking sandstone cliffs, canyons, mesas, buttes and monoliths draw millions of visitors to Zion each year. The landscape is a photographer’s dream with many opportunities to explore color, texture and light.

While the park is known for its soaring red sandstone cliffs, it also boasts stunning slot canyons and cascading waterfalls. Among the most famous hikes is The Narrows, a 16-mile long gorge where the Virgin River narrows to just 20 to 30 feet wide in places.

Hiking is a popular activity in the park, which has trails for everything from easy strolls to steep climbs and backcountry hikes that require overnight camping. The pristine environment is home to a number of wildlife species, including the largest bird in North America, the California Condor.

4. Canyon Overlook

One of the most beautiful places to take landscape photographs in Zion is the Canyon Overlook. This overlook is a short hike from the Canyon Overlook Trail and offers spectacular views of the Zion Canyon cliffs and Pine Creek Canyon. It is also a great spot to capture the sunset!

This spot is often crowded and parking is tight, so arrive early. Bring a wide angle lens and polarizer for the best results.

Zion is a stunning park with towering cliffs, deep red canyons, and mesas and buttes. It is home to the impressive Angels Landing and the famous canyon of The Narrows. There are many hiking trails throughout the park that offer breathtaking vistas including the Mount Carmel Tunnel and the towering East Temple Saddle Loop.

5. The Virgin River

The Virgin River runs throughout the park and is the primary agent of erosion that continues to shape Zion. Its most famous stretch is called The Narrows, a narrow canyon that is only twenty to thirty feet wide at times. It is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Zion and is best photographed in late afternoon when the light is soft and atmospheric.

Zion is also home to some spectacular natural stone arches, including the massive Kolob Arch that measures 287 feet long. The sandstone formations that make up the valley walls offer endless opportunities for landscape photography. Zion is also a refuge for wildlife, including the endangered California Condor, which can be seen from the bridge over The Narrows. The birds were once on the brink of extinction, but are now recovering through a captive breeding program.

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